Printed in paisley


As the summer quickly comes to an end, the fall season slowly begins. The rust and burgundy paisley pattern creates a funky and fall appropriate ensemble for various occasions. Pairing a loose and flowing dress with heavy metal jewelry and platform sandals, will form a quirky yet edgy look that is suitable both for the classroom or the evenings activities.

DSC01476 (2)DSC01477 (2)DSC01490 (2)DSC01495 (2)

Makeup is another fun way to transition your appearance to compliment a fall wardrobe. Deepening your lipstick hues can transcend you into an autumn look that will surely shine.

DSC01499 (2)

Mixing the metals of your jewelry will add a unique and artistic touch to the outfit.

DSC01509 (2)DSC01514 (2)

With such a versatile outfit, you can easily dress it up or down depending on your mood. To add more of a fall flair to the outfit, add either black or mustard colored tights and booties. Finishing the look up with a chunky cream colored cardigan.